2022 Working Groups

Synth Library NYC is run by volunteers. We welcome anyone who is enthusiastic and excited to dedicate time and energy into supporting the mission of making synthesizers, electronic music, and education accessible to all. If you’re interested, read below for more details on the commitment and how to submit an application.

Working groups are more intensive and collaborative spaces where a small group dedicates time and energy towards a specific area of Synth Library NYC or special project.

We expect most groups will meet weekly or biweekly and have a commitment of about 5 hours/week. Some weeks it may be less or it could be slightly more if there is a special project the team desires to work on or an event.

For our core groups, we ask for an initial commitment of three months since these groups require training, trust, and onboarding.

Core Working Groups:
Operations: volunteer for pickup, drop-op, support decisions on new equipment
Education: workshop planning, educator outreach, finding partners
Member Relations: fun activities, discord activation, listening sessions, merch.

Application (Due Date: )

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