Synth Library NYC is a lending library of synthesizers, recording equipment, modular gear and other electronic musical instruments. We are a membership organization committed to making music technology accessible to all!  We create opportunities to share skills and build community. Membership is free and members have access to borrow instruments to take home for four weeks.    

We are open to all with priority access to those who have been traditionally marginalized from the fields of music production, and/or have faced long-standing economic and opportunity inequalities: including BIPOC and individuals of all marginalized genders (including but not limited to trans women, cis women, trans men, non-binary, intersex, gender nonconforming, two-spirit and questioning folx.)  

We owe special thanks to the founders of Fem Synth Library in LA who have consulted with us along the way and POWRPLNT, a network of Brooklyn artists dedicated to providing equal access to digital arts education, who is our 501c3 fiscal sponsor.  

Synth Library NYC depends upon financial donations (click here to support our 2024 fundraising campaign) to help us pay for our rent and purchase synths, cables, cases, and other program expenses.  We are 100% volunteer run!  If you have the means, consider helping us out.  We can provide a tax receipt upon request.

Synth Library is co-founded by Cy X and Heidi Sabertooth and stewarded by our 600+ members and counting.


Our library has grown primarily via donations from our community and our favorite electronic music companies. You can also donate via our donation form.

We especially give thanks to our early donors whose contributions helped us launch this project: Ableton, Analog Cases, Arjun Sawhney, Austin White, Critter & Guitari, Dave+Gabe, Enrique Martinez, Focusrite, George DeMoura, Heidi Sabertooth,  Jason Halal, Josh Heckadecimal, Kelly Vigil, Landscape FM, Luis Nieto Dickens, Make Noise, Maxwell Neely-Cohen, Mike Crowley, Moog, Myra Al-rahim, Natalie Galpern, Native Instruments, Novation, Patrick White, Peter Pearson, Rob Seurat, Rachel Noon, StemModular, Steven Salazar, Teenage Engineering, Tim Cox, Tommy Stang


Hex House is a growing community located in East Williamsburg. Hex House is quickly becoming a place for debuting experimental electronic music, a place of worship, a place for cognitive play, a space to cut your teeth in performing, a place to read the poetry from deep in your heart and so much more.

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