Synth Garden ~ October 23, 2021
a NYFA funded event
Hosted at POWRPLNT 

We welcome you into synth garden, a space for sonic collaboration, vibrational healing, and live artmaking on October 23rd, 2021 at POWRPLNT.

As we move past this seasonal transition and settle into fall, how can we reflect, listen, and attune ourselves to many ecosystems we inhabit? plants use their roots to listen and communicate to their neighbors. mushrooms and trees have an established network of communication to alert about insects, droughts, and other dangers. 🍄🌳🐞

Inspired by these relationships, we invite you into a day of sonic activations, blooming, and collaboration with both human and other-than-human friends (plants and synths!)

🌱 introduction to analog synthesis workshop by artist/engineer/musician Luisa Pereira
🌱 plant and seedling gifting station by Plants for the People BK. bring plants to donate and come grab one for yourself
🌱 live digital VJ visuals incorporating datamoshing + found video compositing by @loosemeds
🌱 live abstract animation by @robertsurname
🌱 abstract painting and printmaking workshop by @starlyartstudio
🌱 multiple synth garden beds featuring a collection of newer and vintage synths from our library
🌱 livestream of the portal
🌱 garden doulas to support you with care and tech needs
🌱 neighborhood cleanup with @clean_bushwick_initiative
🌱 sonic spirit bath by @starrprophets
🌱 yummy nourishments by @nuestramesabk
🌱 co-created soundscape released after the event

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