Norns Working Group ~ July 5, 2021
a NYFA funded event
Hosted by Monome 

Synth Library NYC partnered with Monome, a group of artists creating sound machines for the exploration of time and space.

We're teaming up to offer this special opportunity for 5 members to participate in a working group by building a relationship with norns shield, a DIY sound computer that runs on a Raspberry Pi.


  • you will receive your own personal norns shield hardware + all required components
  • you'll get free access to two live workshops on SuperCollider, the free and open-source sound coding platform, that is norns' synthesis engine.
  • a 1:1 welcome session with a member of the norns community, to get your shield assembled + to get acclimated
  • free access to the learning videos at music hackspace

The Two 2hr Required Workshops:

Sunday, July 11th, 1pm EST: Tone to drone – Introduction to SuperCollider for monome norns taught by Zack Scholl
    • Learn sound synthesis with SuperCollider
    • Integrate a SuperCollider script into a monome norns script
    • Make a drone to add to your own script for monome norms

Sunday, July 25th 1pm EST: Ample samples – Introduction to SuperCollider for monome norns taught by Zack Scholl
    • Learn sample playback in SuperCollider
    • Become familiar with sample playbaack and effect elements of SuperCollider
    • Integrate a playback engine into monome norns

working definitions

  • Raspberry Pi: a credit-card-sized computer that can plug into a monitor or TV, in this case, the norns shield, and allows for people to create a wide array of digital projects, learn programming, and build an understanding of how computers work.
  • SuperCollider: a free and open-source platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound.
  • Open Source: software designed to be publicly accessible and oftentimes developed in a decentralized and collaborative way.

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